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Local and Proud of it!

We take pride in the term local. At All Seasons Spa and Stove, we know the true meaning of “Local”. Local is our family, our friends, our community. It is the pride of believing in the integrity of people we do business with and the quality of the products they make. We proudly sell Clearwater Spas. Clearwater is made in Woodinville by people who understand Pacific Northwest durability. Our wood, gas and pellet stoves, fireplace and fireplace inserts are also made in the Pacific Northwest. 95% of what we sell is manufactured from the ground up in Mukilteo!

All Seasons Spa And Stove is proud to sell and service Clearwater Spas. We believe that the exceptional value and workmanship make Clearwater Spas one of the top choices any customer should consider when considering the purchase of a hot tub or spa.  Read More

All Seasons Spa & Stove is proud to represent Lopi Wood Stoves and Gas Fireplace Inserts. Lopi is a world class manufacturer of high quality wood burning stoves and fireplaces, gas stoves, fireplaces and inserts and pellet stoves.  Read More

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All Seasons Spa & Stove

For more than 20 years, All Seasons Spa and Stove has been serving customers from all over Western Washington with the purchase of quality spas, wood gas and pellet, stoves, fireplaces and inserts. We know that our customers work hard for their money. We sincerely appreciate that they have a choice in where they spend those hard earned dollars. We are committed to giving our customers the best value. Our goal is to help our customers make informed decisions and to feel confident that they are receiving the highest quality product at the lowest price.

Happy Customers

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Unbeatable Prices and Commitment to Honesty

Because we can! All Seasons Spa and Stove is NOT a franchise (with franchise fees) or chain store, with a high rent storefront and high pressure sales people. The owner is here 7 days a week. The owner delivers your spa. The owner talks to you on the sales floor. The owner answers your questions. This keeps our overhead low. The owner also picks up product at the factory rather than pay shipping charges. Quite simply, if the store is not paying high overhead cost then the customer does not have to pay high prices to keep the business going.

We will also be honest with you, if we don’t have what you want you can trust that we will be upfront with you . All Seasons Spa and Stove knows your time is valuable. We will NOT try to keep you in the store making up endless answers in hopes that you will eventually wear down and buy from us. We will tell you the straight truth because that is how we want to be treated.